Flash-Back is…

The passion to restore and correct your old documents (Pictures, plans,… and others)

Technology allow to restore the documents damaged by the time, manipulations or accidents.
Our years of experience in that field are the guarantee of a professionnal involvement and result.
The digitization ensures the duration in time.


Scan your original document

Fill in the form hereunder, upload your file or send the original document by mail and pay

We restore your document without degrading it (always working on copy)

The corrected file is sent back to you by e-mail within 15 days


Small 25€ 15€

  • Small spots, smear, ply and other little defaults (<1cm)
  • Small alterations in small quantity (20 max)
  • Sepia toning of the original document
  • Faded picture
  • Light blur

Medium 45€ 30€

  • Spots, smear, ply and other little defaults (1 to 2 cm)
  • Small alterations in moderately important amount (from ±20 to ±50)
  • folds, tears, wrinkles
  • Light blur

Large 65€ 50€

  • Desintegration
  • Missing area to rebuild
  • Light blur

Color 95€ 75€

  • Colorization following our documentation according to the era (without restoration)
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Warning : though the technology’s constantly evolving, not every document is recoverable


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have already digitalized and restored slides, ektachrome, glass plates, paper pictures, posters, dianegative

Obviously not, and the more old they get the more difficult they are recoverable.

Usually we are confronted to scratches, tearings, wrinkles, adhesive paper, desintegration and discoloration, dulling ou dimming due to years… a little less to reconstructions.

Yes, colorization following our documentation according to the era.

It’s the restoration of a photograph or a document, by choosing the right method to each damage to improve it, like for a good plastic surgery. It’s not an automatic filter applied It’s a précise and meticulous manual work. We NEVER work on the original document submitted that always remains in its original state.

We can process many different types of document , actuelly we’ve already deal with paper photographs, diapositives, dianegatives (négative film), ektachromes, glass plates from the beginning of the XXe century, plans almost erased from old buildings. We are able to treat a lot more as if they can be digitalized.

No, a specialised operator work on the file. His expert eye checks each damage and his retoucher experience does the job.

Basically un hi resolution file is sent back to you by e-mail. But you can also order on our website:
Printed pictures, albums, postcards, print on frame…or any customized request. Saving an old document and making it a gift, what a great idea!

If you don’t find here the right answer to your question : contact us via our contact form


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