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The address of our website is: http://flash-back.eu.

We attach great importance to respecting your private life, which is why we wish to give you clear information on the way your personal data are collected and used. The aim of this privacy statement is to clearly explain the types of personal data we use and how we process them.
Our legal reference is EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Regulations on Data Protection) http://eur-lex.europa.eu/eli/reg/2016/679/oj.
This document will probably be modified regularly, so we recommend that you consult it regularly to give your consent to the procedure in force on the day you visit the website.
• Address : Chemin de la Platte – 50/A – Belgium
• Tel : +32 (0)87 34 07 17
• Company name/ID : BE 0756 250 206
• Person in charge : Mr Gérard SCREVE
• Person responsible for data processing : Mr Gérard SCREVE
Processing and use of your personal data
By personal data, we understand not only the data that identify you directly, but also those that do so indirectly.
Direct identification is possible with the help of personal data such as name, address, national identity card/passport number, email, telephone number, etc.
Indirect identification is possible with the help of data that can identify you if they are combined with other sources of information. Your credit card number, for example, is not personal data as such. Nevertheless, it becomes personal data once it is associated with your name.
The processing and use of personal data refers to everything we do: the collection, registration, storage, use, consultation, modification, dissemination, sharing or destruction of your personal data.
What kinds of personal data do we process?
The different categories of personal data that we usually treat are the following:
Personal data such as:
your civil status (Mr/Ms)
your Christian name,
your surname
your address
your email address
your telephone number
your message
the data communicated by your web browser (location, arrival page, time of visit,
conversion rate, dominion name, system name, IP address…)
Sensitive personal data
sexual orientation
political convictions
For a classic e-commerce website :
your credit card number
your confirmation code
your invoices
your inscriptions in events
your purchase choices
Who is affected by our processing of personal data?
• People who surf our website
• People who fill in a form to ask us questions or ask for information
• People who present a candidature
• People who buy our products online
We always request your consent on the use of your personal data when you first contact our
website. This consent is then stored in our servers.
Every time you visit our website, our server automatically recognises your IP address. It does
not automatically detect your email address. We keep the following information on your visit to
our website:
• your IP address;
• your email address if, e.g., you have sent it to us by sending messages or questions to the
website, by communicating with us by email, by signing up for one of our events online, by accessing the restricted area of the website by using a password, etc;
• all the information regarding the pages you have consulted on our website;
• any information that you have given voluntarily, for example, in information surveys,
registration on the website, or by accessing the restricted section through a password.
This can refer to your surname, first name, address and demographic data (e.g. age or sex).
• via the cookies on our website
We regularly inform users of our website about the collection of personal data and the use that
can be made of them, at the time we receive these data from the user.
Consent is requested the first time the user enters the website for the processing of his/her data.
This consent is stored by us.
Cookies are data files that a website sends to your computer during your visit to our website.
These files contain information that allows our website to memorise important data that will make your use of our website more efficient and more useful. We use cookies to determine what draws visitors’ attention, provide a better service and to offer you personalised content.
You can disable cookies, either by not accepting them when you log on to our website (alert
message) or by configuring your computer so that it does not save cookies on your hard drive.
If you reject cookies you will not have access to all the functions on our website. We use cookies (e.g. Google Analytics) to improve your computer’s performance, allow it to remember your
preferences (language, currency, memorisation of your access codes…) and to give you information that we think may be of interest or use to you. These data do not allow the identification of natural persons (your anonymity is maintained).
The processing of personal data related to this website is governed by Belgian law. The new
European regulation on data protection was finally adopted by the European Parliament on 14
April 2016. Its provisions have been directly applicable throughout the 28 Member States of the
European Union from 25 May 2018. This privacy policy is applicable to all the pages hosted and
for all recordings on this website.
Security of the collected data
As required by law, we have implemented adequate security measures to protect against the
loss, unlawful use or alteration of data received on our website. We take all the necessary
measures to ensure that these data are treated in a secure manner.
Nevertheless, no transmission of data on the Internet can be guaranteed 100% safe. Therefore,
we cannot guarantee the 100% security of the data sent to us.
Security measures in place:
• Creating awareness among users
• Authentification of users
• Tracing of access addresses
• Securisation of machines that have access to personal data
• Securisation of access to machines
• Protection of the database
• Regular updating of software, the system and plug-ins
• Regular back-ups
• Captcha on all forms
• …
This list is not exhaustive because the evolution of security systems means that we have to
constantly improve these measures. If, however, a security failure is observed (‘zero risk’ does
not exist), we will urgently apply a corrective measure that will then be incorporated into our
security policy.
Although we do our best to make your data secure, we recommend that you put the following
measures in place to safeguard your data on your side: install anti-virus and anti-spyware
software and a firewall. Set your preferences so that these forms of protection can be regularly
Ensure that your passwords are kept confidential and use complex ones (combination of lower
and upper case + figures + symbols). In other words, avoid obvious combinations of letters and
figures. Change your passwords regularly.
Use of data
We use your personal data for the following purposes:
– to promote our products (special offers, promotions, catalogue, etc.) – you can decide to
stop this at any time.
– to securitise our website by tracking any false identities that could be an attempt to hack
your account
– to contact you by telephone (or in the event of problems with email)
– to deliver our products to yous
– to carry out the services we propose
– to administer out activity: transmission of cost estimates, contracts, invoices…
– to consult you to get your opinion
– to give you securitised access (password/secret code) to our website or part of it
– to improve our website (statistics) and our strategy
– to personalise the content and adverts
– to suggest useful products to you
We take the security of your data very seriously. To this end, we observe government regulations and continuously update our security systems. More specifically, we have taken steps and created procedures to guarantee the integrity of your personal data and their confidential and securitised processing.
Your data will be analysed and processed by us under conditions of total confidentiality.
Your data will not be assigned, sold or transferred with the exception of our partner subcontractors
(accountancy service, server host…), to which we will only transfer the data needed for the correct
performance of our work.
We reserve the right to observe the laws, regulations or any other legal requirement to protect the integrity of the website, to respond to your requests and to cooperate in any legal proceedings to use or reveal any data, but only if this is considered necessary.
Automated processing of personal data
No automated processing of your data is done by us.
We make every effort to be as transparent as possible regarding the data we use. You can access all the data collected by us that refer to you, free of charge and at any time following a written request and after a verification of your identity
You may rectify or modify the data collected by us that refer to you, free of charge and at any
time following a written request and after a verification of your identity.
A restriction on the use of data may be applied when:
• their accuracy is challenged by the person concerned (restriction during the verification
• their processing is illegal and the person concerned opposes their deletion
• the data are needed by the person concerned in order to ascertain, exercise or defend rights
in the law courts, even if the person responsible for their processing no longer needs these personal data
The lifting of any restriction must be notified to the concerned person. The concerned person
may refuse this lifting if the corrective action applied is incomplete or inaccurate.
Deletion (the right to be forgotten)
You may definitively delete the data referring to you (the right to be forgotten), free of charge
and at any time following a written request and after a verification of your identity. This may
take a few days, depending on the number of requests received and the data to be processed.
You may – free of charge and at any time following a written request and after a verification of
your identity – recover (in a currently used format that is legible to current machines) the personal data that you have provided, and freely transmit them without our person responsible for processing data to whom they have been communicated may standing in the way (for example, a song list of a streaming service to transfer it to a competitor). These data must be returned to you in a format that allows their re-use.
We will make every effort to only conserve your personal data for the purpose for which they
were collected, with a maximum of one year.
• if a court case is brought by you against us, it is possible that the deletion or modification
of your data may not be granted to you until the final verdict.
• the processing of your data is free of charge unless claims by a person are without
grounds or excessive (e.g. too repetitive).
Transfer to third parties
If your data need to be transferred to third parties (subcontractors, host, etc.) for the correct
performance of our work (administrative services, e.g. accountancy service to prepare invoices,
VAT declarations) we ensure that:
• this is in accordance with the GDPR
• we only communicate the minimum data required to them
• we communicate these data to them securitised
For e-commerce website the subcontractors are
• Woo-commerce
• SWIFT: for the exchange of messages within the framework of securitised financial transactions
• MasterCard: for credit card payments and transactions worldwide
• Atos Worldline: for credit transactions worldwide
• delivery services for our products (postal services, courier companies)
We ensure that any modifications or requests related to personal data are dealt with as soon as
possible. The maximum period is 1 month starting from the reception of the request. This may
be extended as required to 2 months (with information and justification of this extension being
given within the first month).
Any natural person who justifies his/her identity may request, as the case may be, that his/her personal data may be rectified, completed, updated, blocked or deleted, or if they are inaccurate, incomplete, wrong, out of date, or whose collection, use, communication or conservation is forbidden.
We undertake to deal with any claim related to the protection of your private life quickly, and
apply procedures that allow us to respond efficiently to any problem that you may encounter.
You may make this request (only in writing) via our website www.flash-back.eu or by ordinary
mail to Flash-Back c/o Gerard Screve – Chemin de la Platte 50/A – 4845 Jalhay – Belgium.
This privacy statement, dated 25/05/2018, may be subject to modifications with the aim of
guaranteeing that its content accurately reflects developments in the regulatory area, as well as
any change within our company.
The content (texts and images) on this internet website and this statement are the property of Flash-back. It may not be copied or completely or partially transferred without written consent from us.

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